Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Meet the family

This is a typical day in the Bowden house hold. 
Grace throws a daily wobbler (a phase I hope she'll grow out of quickly) always complaining of feeling sick, headache, sore throat, bad foot! 😀 you name it Grace has got it. Shes absolutely beautiful, long legs, curly blonde hair, beautiful blue eyes, she thinks she's older then 6 but she's still my baby, and very clever and amazing at reading at writing but right now she's master at manipulation, playing me and her dad off against each other! 
Lucas, (where is Lucas) oh he is climbing the settee, going up the stairs, opening the washing machine door, he's here there and everywhere and feel like I have to lay crash mats everywhere in order for him not to get hurt. He's adorable with his blonde almost curly hair and beautiful blue eyes also, but by god he is a pickle at the same time! It's exhausting just watching him!
And my 3rd child, (did I say 3rd child) I mean my husband Luke! I haven't told him I'm going to create a blog yet, he's on his way home from work, a long 10 hour shift as a welder and I'm going to let him read this as soon as he's in! Not sure how he'll feel, probably say (your gonna be writing instead of talking to me now)!
He knows I love him and we are very happy, but it's not been easy and trying to watch game of thrones without an interruption from the kids who are meant to be asleep is proving to be quite tricky! I love to write, i have wrote plenty of complaint letters and parking fine appeals for luke and myself,and I love it!
It gives me a feeling of importance because other then being a mum and wife, I do miss being myself too! Me and Luke have been together 10 years this year and married for 6 months. (I know, took our time hey)We have been through a lot over the 10 years but have come out the other side and have a beautiful family to proudly show for it. But it's hard work with 2 children and a hubby to share my time with, especially as I don't even have time for myself. 
I love them all dearly and can't wait to write about them. 

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