Thursday, 7 May 2015

Ever get the feeling your being rushed!

Went for lunch with my sister and Lucas yesterday. I knew it was gonna be a quick lunch taking a 21 month old with us but didn't realise just how quick. 
Moral of this story, don't ever wake a sleeping baby for lunch, especially as a) hes not going to be that hungry anyway if he's tired and b) he has a tendency to despise high chairs at the best of times so this trip isn't going to be the most relaxing! 
Well why didn't I say this to myself yesterday beforehand, I was silly enough to wake him, 'Lucas want some lunch' in a high pitch baby voice! 
He wasn't interested in lunch, he was interested in running riot, banging spoons  on the table and screaming, and eating definitely wasn't on his agenda, not even icecream was good enough to keep him entertained, haha! 
The thing is I don't get angry, I feel abit flustered and sometimes embarrassed but never angry. At the end of the day I don't get annoyed when someone's child is screaming in a restaurant as I have children and know the drill, it's those people that haven't got kids or have forgot what kids are like that seem to stare at you in that way that says, keep your child quiet. He makes me laugh so much and I'm constantly talking about him even when he's with me. I love him, and all his tantrums! 
Ok, ok, maybe not all of his tantrums. Our lunch was cut very short so we went back home and he didn't sleep at all on the car journey home so I knew the later it got the later he was going to go bed that night, and the louder he was going to get (as he gets very irritable when he's tired) well world war III erupted the 2nd we got back, my sweet little baby boy went absolutely crazy. He was screaming and flapping round the front room like a fish out of water. He was throwing everything in site and bashing his face on the floor in temper. (Doesn't get it from me I tell you) he eventually went to sleep when he finally let me hold him, and looking all red, sweaty and flustered like I felt 2 hours earlier, he went sleep for 3 hours! Lucky for some!
I Picked Grace up from school, and surprisingly she was happy, probably because she never had to go dancing (another hobby she's refused to continue with in her protest to be in control of her own life). She says 'it's my life and I don't want a hobby, you can't make me do something I don't like'. Problem is I know she loves dancing and she is excellent at swimming, it's such ashame she's gave it up all because she just wants to 'be in control' of her life! Haha! 
Anyway Luke came to meet us at my parents. Whenever he comes home the noise level drastically rises, like a bunch of wild animals playing, they all scream and mess about and 9 times out of 10 someone ends up crying! But to them quiet and cuddles aren't an option, when daddy's home it's a game of who can be the loudest! 
But I got a little surprise when he arrived, (he's not a romantic) but he had brought me flowers, beautiful red roses, my dad answered and said 'Luke's done something wrong' haha! I thought that myself, my first reaction was 'were they on sale at the train station' sound soooo ungrateful. They were a lovely surprise and I was very happy to have got them. Made my day! 😀
I'm writing this today after a lovely trip to Rayleigh with my sister and Lucas, we had a walk up the high street first as Lucas was asleep in the buggy, even though we was going to stop for tea and scones, I suggested we nosey round the shops first and end with tea and scones! Why did I even think that was a good idea, the 2nd we arrived in the tea shop, little eyes opened and had a repeat performance of yesterday. Lunch out will never be the same again, haha! 

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