Sunday, 10 May 2015

Can I put my feet up is Sunday the day of rest after all!!!

Lay ins don't exist anymore, all parents know that. But at least you'd expect a peaceful night before....
I feel like this blog so far has been expressing the negatives and absolutely no positives on how the children behave. But lately it's been crackers and I'm just being truthful. I know I'm not the only one out there dealing with the ups and downs of parenting. I find it challenging, tiring, fun, exciting and hard all at the same time. But however hard it is, I wouldn't change it for the world because it is my job to help and guide my children through life until they are old enough to decide what's right and wrong for themselves, and hopefully my parenting skills really pay off then. 
Had a lovely day out yesterday round Luke's nans, all day Grace played with her cousin Lou, and Lucas followed them around playing and running and having fun. They ate and drank plenty and were non stop all day, Lucas even missed his nap and I was hoping the car journey home before 7pm would send him off to sleep!!
I want to explain the tantrum we endeavoured half hour before we left, and this wasn't a Lucas tantrum, this was a full scale 6 year old tantrum and it was a shocker for everyone to witness! Great nanny Anne couldn't believe her eyes, but least everyone got to see the wrath of Grace, haha, because when we usually explain she's been naughty, deep down I don't think anyone truly believes us!! 
Well Lou had been feeling a little poorly and was getting tired, and Grace wanted a sleepover. As Lou wasn't feeling great, Anne was worried she'd have to take her home, but Grace was persistent and went on and on until she went into a full scale melt down and began screaming the house down, throwing her weight around (albeit, not much) but she was like a madam possessed and was hitting and screaming and basically just making a complete show of herself. I'm always calm during wobblers and try to reason but these tantrums are all happening more often then not and its all down to being spoilt and getting her own way far to much. 
Children need discipline, they need rules regardless of what they think. Luke is the cool parent, the one who comes home with a sweet, a magazine or some sort of treat. When he gets paid he always buys her some toy she doesn't need but says she wants and this has spiralled out of control because she demands something all the time. And when Iv called Luke to say she's been naughty before school he's offered her a gift to do as she's told. And although that's all well and good in his eyes, job done, she's getting ready. She's basically worked out she's being rewarded for being naughty and then gets a treat for being good. I quickly got annoyed by this on one particular day so I said to Luke, 'no she doesn't get a treat for getting ready for school, she gets ready for school because she has too' this is the main source of arguements between us!
He's learnt this now, finally! Only because she's beginning to be rude to him and being aggressive when she doesn't get her own way. 
I'm not concerned about her behaviour because I know it's a phase and she is such a loving girl most of the time. She's just learning right from wrong, and so is her daddy with the gift situation as bribery for good behaviour!
It doesn't work. And this tantrum she had round her nans was unacceptable. And all the way home she was a total madam. Good job Lucas went to sleep I thought. But we got home and the crying stopped and she went to her room and played and apologised for her behaviour and went to bed earlier then normal, so tiredness was a major factor for the tantrum too!
But Lucas shortly woke up once we got in, and he screamed and cried for 2 hours, he was relentless! I always have an answer to why he's playing up, 'he must have belly ache, he's over tired' Luke says it's because he's being like Grace, trying to get his own way by going down stairs at bedtime! 
I didnt even have time to shower today, gross I know, but I lost interest in going down to watch TV with Luke, he didn't even call me down like he normally does! He said this morning I let you sleep because you needed it, I reckon it's because he didn't want to spend the evening listening to me moan! Haha! 
This morning all is good on the Bowden front. Grace and her dad are sorting out the house and I am chilling on the settee with a sleepy Lucas! 
Although I think I should take a shower! 

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