Friday, 8 May 2015

Bedtime routine, no such thing...well for me anyway!!

It's getting later and later, the cartoons on the TV seem to be getting louder and louder and my patience is simply wearing thin usually by end of the day! You think bedtimes drawing near, time to relax, well, think again Becca! Haha!
I always go through a stage of sticking with the routine, and for a short while the kiddly winks will go along with it but this never usually lasts the week and either I am to tired to bath them or Grace refuses to bath because she'll say 'I had one yesterday' and that's it, the routine is down the pan! 
In my head I always think 7.30, bathed and in bed by 7.30!! I'll lay with them both and they'll go to sleep like little angels but it never happens. Grace will announce she's not going bed because she's watching the end of a cartoon, or she needs a drink or the toilet! Lucas won't lay with me because he'll be screaming 'Grace, Dad, down' it's literally over an hour of madness! 
Sometimes Luke will settle Lucas, il settle Grace and vice versa and this sometimes works, but it's rare, and it's never straightforward. 
Without fail there are tears and tantrums at bedtime. 
Grace always wants mummy cuddles bless her when Luke goes to settle her, and daddy cuddles when I'm with her. 9 times out of 10 we give in and do what she wants because we don't like to go bed on a bad note, so however much it frustrates us knowing she's playing a game we never refuse a cuddle, and if we dare do her screaming starts. 
Oh it's tiring just writing this, but it's the truth and it's bloody hard. 
I'm ready for bed before this process even begins at the best of times, and if by luck Grace goes sleep first and I'm left to settle Lucas, Luke will shout up 'Bec you've been up there an hour and a half, you coming down or going bed?' in my head I'm in bed, asleep already, settled for the night by 9pm!! But either his calling up the stairs has woken Lucas by now and I'm back to square one, or I slowly put Lucas down in his cot (because really we've both been asleep for half hour) and I feel mean so go down to watch TV with Luke. But when I go down, without fail, Luke ends up going sleep himself. Haha! 
It's hilarious how crazy our life is, it is absolutely non stop from 6am to 10pm most nights. 
I would expect to weigh less then I actually do because I never seem to rest, but hey ho! Haha! 
Be glad when they are both at the age they take themselves off to bed! What age is that again??? Haha!

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